Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Say We

OK. So first this guy, who by all standards is one of the best junior analysts out there, turns around and says he was working on his excel late one night, and was a bit tired and mistyped a formula or something and the whole thing is just wrong, it doesn’t work.

“I found a flaw in my model a "mistake", i am shocked. I ‘ve been an excel monkey all my life, i’ve built hundreds of models. That was just a stupid mistake, a case of * instead of /”

and then he comes back and says its not really just the excel formula but really some basic modelling assumptions that were wrong as well.

“My boss told me not to change those assumptions so i didn’t play with them. I think now that we are gonna have to go back to the drawing board. Phuh, that’s a lot of work. I am going to have to work even on weekends to fix this.”

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Βάσκες said...

I am telling you, born-again Christians are the worst kind...