Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Muppet competition

Guess the next title in succession (extra points if you are a Reuters journalist).

5.GM CEO says bankruptcy will be fast if needed

4.GM CEO Henderson says bankruptcy not inevitable

3.GM in “intense” preparations for bankruptcy

2.GM readies for bankruptcy

1. ?????

Hint: this is not like the GMAT test you all did for your MBA where you have multiple choice, you are supposed to try and look for a trend and then think of the next point in this trend. Please submit your answers at Winner will be chosen at random. First prize is a PUMA. Competition ends 30/4/09 (or earlier if GM goes bankrupt)


Statler said...

I am gonna resort to Hollywood for inspiration. My entry is:
GM Bankruptcy: Fast & Furious

or maybe:
GM Die Hard. Bankruptcy With a Vengeance

Can enter both? I really want that PUMA...

Waldorf said...

Statler, i am afraid the competition is not open to emplayees of the oldmuppets organisation. Good try though.

Pops said...

PUMA rulz!!!! Statler, I hope you're not just being sarcastic.