Thursday, December 17, 2009

We All Have Our Issues (II)

Speaking of issues, we can no longer resist commenting on the now infamous Tiger affair(s).

This being the Balcony of course, I will refrain from delving into the saultry, gossipy details of the story and keep it strictly business (I am sure my dear readers, that for this sort of coverage you have other much more insightful sources):

Here is a NY Times story about the hardship Tiger's behavior has caused to at least one member of his (corporate) family.

My favorite quotes include the one made by a top advertiser: "The Accenture ads with Tiger finally make sense" (commenting on their "it is tougher than ever to be a Tiger" campaign) , and the one made by the Accenture spokesman "The company’s advertising campaign is about high performance, and Mr. Woods just wasn’t a metaphor for high performance anymore" (which, with the number of girlfriends now running in the dozens, seems a little unfair).

This divorce was swift, abrupt, and costly. Others will surely follow...

P.S. We are now learning that Tiger is the recipient of the "Athlete of the Decade" award, while NYPost has a claim for Headline of the Decade.

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